A modern New Zealand country lifestyle

The Town

Ohura’s main street is a large boulevard designed as the busy heart of what was planned to be a large commercial centre. Now this centre is focused on the Cosmopolitan Club as, sadly, the General Store closed in 2009.

The other shops in the street have changed from their original purposes and now consist of antique and plant shops. Also lining the impressive boulevard are the Fire station, the Ambulance base and the Memorial hall.

A major rural contracting business and the beautifully kept Ohura Valley School, are located further up the road. Across from them is another modern hall, with an attached dental clinic backing on to the public tennis courts, netball courts and swimming pool.

Past the trees lies the rugby ground, still sporting its proud goal posts. The grazing sheep are tending the grass in readiness for a new generation of local sporting heroes.

As we move across the northern bridge at the other end of the commercial centre are situated the Art gallery, the impressive backpackers accommodation, and now a new local takeaways.


Former General Store, now closed.Ohura

If its Winter Ski

If its summer surf


Ohura owes much of its charm to the fact it is in one of the last great wilderness areas of the North Island. Surrounded as it is by rivers, hills and forests, tramping and hunting are familiar adventures. It is though also remarkably well placed for people looking for different kinds of activities.

Skiing- leave home from Ohura at 7.00am and you will be skiing by 8.30am. Whakapapa is less than one and a half hours away (going at a sensible pace).

Surfing (and swimming) - leave home at 9.30am and you will be surfing by 10.30am. The west coast beaches are less than an hour away